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Winner of CLS Innovator of the Year Award

Current Version: 4.0.1
See Release Notes

Fast figures from your OMERO images

Smart figures with metadata

OMERO is a server platform for managing biological images. See the Open Microscopy Site for more info. OMERO.figure combines OMERO's powerful image rendering and metadata to provide a tool for rapid figure creation. Each panel of the figure becomes a multi-dimensional image viewer, allowing you to zoom and pan, adjust rendering settings and even scroll through Z and Time. Figures can be exported as TIFF images or PDF documents, so you can move seamlessly to other editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

Shortcuts for common tasks

Many tasks of figure creation are very time consuming when done manually. OMERO.figure provides tools to get the job done quickly. All of these features work with multiple selected panels at once, making it easy to keep similar panels in sync.

Power of the web

You can create beautiful figures in your browser, then share them with others. Depending on your OMERO permissions settings, you can even make them public, so everyone can explore your figures interactively.

Try it now!

We have created a live demo with several examples, based on figures published in the Journal of Cell Biology. This is a 'static' demo app (not hosted on an OMERO server), so you can't save changes. All the image data comes from the OMERO-powered JCB-DataViewer, where you can also browse the raw data.
Click figures for demos:

Figure 5: MCAK phosphorylation

from Porter et al, JCB 2007.
See original data.

Figure 1: KLP10A and Patronin

from Wang et al, JCB 2013.
See original data.

Figure 2: Patronin microtubules

from Wang et al, JCB 2013.
See original data.

Figure 10: PIP3 and F-actin chemotaxis

from Zatulovskiy et al, JCB 2014.
See original data.

Installing from PyPI

OMERO.figure version 3.0.0 requires OMERO.web 5.3.0 or newer.

Warning: OMERO.figure version 2.x requires OMERO.web 5.2.6 or newer. This is due to a Django Framework compatibility and to a required package reorganization in OMERO.figure in version 2.0 so the application can be distributed from Python Package Index PyPI.

Enabling figure export

This section assumes that an OMERO.server is already installed. Figures can be exported as PDF or TIFF files using a script that runs on the OMERO.server. This script needs to be uploaded to the OMERO.server and its dependencies installed on the OMERO.server machine. The script can be uploaded using two alternative workflows, both of which require you to be an admin.

Now install the script's dependencies:

Update instructions

Upgrade the app

Stop OMERO.web. To upgrade from a version of OMERO.figure prior to 2.0.1:

To upgrade from version 2.0.1 or newer:

Upgrade the figure export script